Monday, 26 February 2018


I just came back from a weekend at my parent's place. As usual, I have my mom take a few centimeter of the ends.
I'm really happy with it!
Mom commented on how thick and nice the ends are and how soft my hair felt.

Maybe I should get a firmer trimming schedule?
I'm really happy with the current length since it's by far the most convenient for me to comb and care for, but also long enough to do all the fun styles I like.
I get just 1,5 cm a month and 2 cm 2-3 months during the summer, so maybe I should try to find a stylist I could trust for an exact trim every month?


  1. What a lovely picture! Kudos to Mum for her being a "trusted trimmer". I can't really offer any insight into your question, but your ends look quite perfect now.

  2. I'm also a "mum trims my hair" person, although it would be more convenient to have somebody near my place. If you do go for it, check whether there is a salon that is specialized for long hair. I've a friend who has her hair trimmed in such a salon and she says it's the best, they really only take off what you ask for and treat your hair kindly.

  3. It looks great!!! I hear you about a length that's manageable. I think finding a good hair dresser is going to make you feel more confident, and the way to do it is find a place in your area, and then go in and explain what you want. Bring your own comb with a measurement on it.

    I learned this from my hair dresser, who had long hair. When I saw her, I knew she was for me. She has a comb with a sharpie mark for 1/4 inch, half inch and full inch. She will also confirm after showing me multiple times. That was a hair dresser I trust and she's been doing my hair for about 16 yrs. :D