Sunday, 15 April 2018

Deep conditioning finished

Yep, that actually seemed to work. 
Now that it's dry, it seems completely back to normal.

Funny how things that works for you still manages to just slip out of your routine-rotation?

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  1. While we love long hair, I find long hair to be a quick style---braids, ponytails and go. So, when we are busy, it's quite simple----but, it gets neglected. I know when I'm riding/teaching and then show season creeps up, my oilings and deep conditionings for winter restoration into spring always take a hit, and then I wonder why my hair looks cranky. I did get a good 2 inches cut last appointment (for my root color touch up) and what a difference that made. I just seem to reach terminal past tailbone for me---hip or just below looks MUCH nicer. I found my hair thicker and then a good conditioning at the hair dressers really boosted my ends to nice and silky soft.

    I think as we get more immersed with life--whether work/family/relationships, it's very easy to forget about taking care of ourselves or doing some pampering. I try to make sure I keep up with routines, but at the end of the day, do I want to wait 10 mins or so or do I want sleep? Hahahahha.