Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sensitive skin sucks!

In my Lumene Christmas calendar last year I got a glow boost essence. At first I was suspicious, because it contains vitamin C and that often comes from sea buckthorn, which I'm, highly allergic to. An ingredient check proved it didn't, so I used it and loved it. 

I loved it so much I've been getting the full sized ever since.

Then later in the calendar, I got a cream in the same line. I put that one in my "to use" pile and sort of forgot about it.

Some weeks ago, I had to travel for work and grabbed that cream because it was a good, small size.

After two days, my skin had freaked out on me: Itchy, sore and with a weird, bumpy texture. I tried to get a good picture of that weird, sandpaper-like surface.

Because although the essence doesn't contain sea buckthorn, the cream does.

When you have sensitive skin or allergies, always, always check your ingredient list. Just because one product in a line doesn't contain a certain ingredient, it doesn't mean everything else doesn't either. Sigh.

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  1. Oh gosh! That's scary---do you carry anything to stop these reactions? I know they can get pretty serious and cause breathing issues. I may have highly sensitive skin, but I don't have highly allergic skin. I'm so glad you're ok!!