Sunday, 5 August 2018

Today's hair

Three English braids stacked on top of each other. Going to see if I can turn them into three braided Nautilus buns stacked on top of each other tomorrow.


  1. Random question: Does your scalp ever get sore with being in braids? I find my gets sore more so now, than when I was young. I find updos fair easier, but then again, I don't have the thickness or length you have. :) I love your braids, but often wondered if you ever just wear your hair 'loose'?

    1. Random answer :) My scalp will occasionally get sore from being in braids, but strangely only when I try to braid "loose". I guess because braiding loosely risk getting you more slack in some places and then other places end up getting tighter? It´s the unevenness that causes discomfort for me. Also I find it helps to braid while my hair and scalp is still damp. Guess it helps to "shape" the hair and scalps direction?

  2. Another random question, in no way related to your post: a few years ago I was active on uTT. Then a few fewer years ago I decided to check in to see how everyone was doing as I was ready to start my hair journey again. uTT was gone. Just gone. LHC is still there, but I loved uTT. I searched high and low, but the internet cannot provide me with an answer as to what happend to uTT. I believe you were active on there as well, right? Do you have any idea why uTT is gone?

    1. Yea, it disappeared quite a while back. Maybe a whole year back?
      I know some things, but I´m not sure how much of it is actually true...
      UTT´s issues were never as obvious and unfair as LHC´s, so there wasn´t as much talk about it in the longhair circuit.
      But here is what I gathered:
      When UTT was formed, it was supposed to be more of a collaboration between the mods. Someone, some one person had their name and ownership of the site though. It wasn´t widely know who, at least by real name. And unfortunately I can´t remember who. Sorry.
      There were some issues between the mods, but they seemed to be handled privately, so most regular members were surprised when they heard details later. Mostly about how much "ours" UTT was and how much "the owners" UTT was.
      (I actually also blame a lot of the issues on "forum fatigue". A lot of the really, really, REALLY old members of LHC resurfaced on UTT, but at some point you have just seen all the questions and answered all the questions. You just naturally run out of interest for going on some forum and talk about hair)
      Anyways. At some point the site of UTT needed to be renewed, but the owner didn´t check in and renew it. And no one contacted the owner because A) few knew her name on facebook and B) there were some issues between her and the mods and then UTT just fell off the internet. I think most people by then, just shrugged and moved on with their lives. The owner did shortly surface (On one of the longhair facebook sites I think?) and ask why no one informed her. Uh, yea, because she should visit her own site regularly? And maybe check her private mail once in a while?
      It was pretty damn weird.
      Now it seems a lot of the facebook groups are slowly dying too, so I guess the "forum fatigue" sets in there too...
      That´s about all the details I have, so I hope it helps!