Sunday, 12 August 2018

Today´s hair

Figure 8 bun.

I haven´t done these in a long while!

I´ve been just living in braids that can be turned into buns in the morning for months. It´s just more convenient for me to make a nice braid or nice braids in the evening and then wrap them up as buns in the morning. It saves me time in the morning and I still look and feel well put together.
But since today was a free day, I felt like doing something not braided.

I bought this (Gandalf the white) stick for the exact purpose of doing figure 8 buns, but it´s actually just a bit too long for comfort: When I was getting in the car, the top of it hit the opening and I made a totally not embarrassing squeaking noise in surprise. So happy no one saw or heard that! 
(People totally did. Sigh)

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