Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Big bun day

I'm having a day where my bun just felt massive.
I mean, my buns are always big, but for some reason it felt huge today.
Anyone ever have that happen to you?

Maybe it was because I poked the stick through at more space between than usual?  I guess that would theoretically widen the bun?
I was genuinely disappointed you couldn't see my bun sticking out when seen straight from the front.


  1. The color looks magnificent.
    And yes when you have ALL THAT HAIR it's going to be pretty big. ;-)
    Cute glasses.

  2. I also love those glasses and that color sweatshirt is great on you!
    I think that chinese bun style always made my bun feel 'bulky'. I never was fond of it because of many issues, starting with the head rest in my car, and leading into not fitting with any hat or helmet at the barn. Yours looks lovely, but I would never be able to drive with that as my head rests sit funny in my current car(before I got a Honda, I was fine :D But I'm not complaining because it's a great car and was given to me)

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