Sunday, 12 May 2019

The scrunchie trend...?

I've been reading about how scrunchies are trending in 2019 since... The beginning of last year pretty much?? But I haven't actually seen them in real life anywhere around me since the last two weeks or so (Pinterest is not real life!). I guess scrunchies have a feeling of 80'es/90'es, but in the uncool kind of way so it took a while to pick up? But now it looks like it's actually picking up and it feels like a natural continuation of last years bandanna trend.

But of course now I have a nagging feeling I might have tossed the old (So very old) scrunchies I used to have the last time I cleaned some stuff out of my closet?

Time to go digging around and see if I can find any still... I remember having a seamstress making a scrunchie out of a pair of dresspants I spilled toner on when I changed the cartridge. I had accidentally bought two of the same pair along with some other pairs in the same model but different colours, so I had a very cool matching scrunchie to the pants. Of course back then, scrunchies were very much out so I never used it, but I should still have it around.

Time to start digging...

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Etc. There are so many links to articles about this.

What do you all think about this?
Wearable? Practical? Just embarrassing? Pinterest-only? Clickbait-y for style sties? Nostalgia in a fun way? Or were scrunchies just never actually cool?


  1. I wear a scrunchie to make the ponytail base of my updo. Scrunchies are soft, not damaging especially because I don't like a bad quality hair elastic dragging my fine hair and heavy bun. But I would never wear those hairstyles, not even at home! Not even under my blanket! I never saw such hairstyles in real world but I saw missy sue's vlog where she actually wore one of her super messed up messy hairstyles. So I suppose if these are not clickbaity crap, such hairstyles are worn by schoolgirls at parties.

    1. Hmmm, very good point. Also I think you are right about how they are worn in real life :)

  2. Hahahah---us barn gals NEVER got rid of our scrunchies. They are far too valuable to use for top knots after riding!! Hahahha. I've got my originals from probably the late 80s and ones from the 90s and they have never really gone out of fashion in my area. :) I have far too many and love them because when they get dirty, you can toss them into the wash!