Friday, 14 June 2019

Today's hair

Today's hair is four braids to four little buns.
Braids are getting pretty fuzzy. I currently don't have any leave in conditioners with more hold than others, hmm. That would be convenient for this... Does anyone know of a leave in product with more hold than a leave in conditioner, but that isn't an actual "styling product"?


  1. Technically I'd put these in the "styling" section, but have you thought about a curl cream? They usually spend a lot of moisture and are good at taming frizz.
    I mean something like this:
    This one wouldn't work for you, it contain aloe and a bunch of stuff that probably isn't great for sensitive skin, but the concept looks like it could work.

    1. Hmm, no I have never thought of those. But after poking around a little, I can see a lot of them have some very nice ingredient lists and can probably do what I want them to do. Thank you so much for the tip!