Monday, 1 July 2019

Nautilus bun issues?

Lately I've been having some issues with my Nautilus buns. It used to be my absolute go-to bun, but the last months they have become increasingly irritating. They pull or pinch or slide for me.

The Nautilus bun was never the prettiest or most elegant bun, but it has its good angles.

But at the same time as I've been having issues with it, it also seems like its bad angles have become... well, worse.

The bun formation always had a tendency to get that weird "blob" going on, but it seems to become harder to smooth down.

My best guess is, that I have too much hair for the "inner" bun part compared to the "outer" bun part, where the braid wraps around it. I guess the "inner" bun part pushes and destabilizes the outer part, which makes it lose the nice, flat silhouette?

I got so frustrated with it today at work, that I ended up messing around with it on the toilet.

After a few attempts to push the "blob" back in place, I wrapped it up in a simple cinnamon bun.

And... That looked pretty nice?

Which is weird, because braided cinnamon buns stopped working for me around... hip length?
But now they work for me again?

It did get a little "blob"-formation in the middle, but I think that could be completely removed by basing it on a single french braid instead of an English braid.
Hmm. Interesting!

So that made me wonder: What if I "tied" the braid around my Ron Quattro fork in an overhand knot?

But then instead directed the "leftover" braid back in the same direction to compensate for lopsidedness, sort of like how I did with the infinity bun.

First forming the knot....

...Then wrapping the braid back in the same direction and tucking it under.

That actually got pretty good!

It shows off the slightly thicker part of the braid inside the bun, as opposed to the Nautilus that tends to show the thinnest.

Fairly smooth and flat silhouette with a few slightly less flattering angles.

The difference doesn't look so big in comparison, but I still like it.
Overhand knot-bun-thing on the left and Nautilus on the right.

Least flattering angle in comparison and the difference gets bigger!
Overhand knot-bun-thing on the left and Nautilus on the right.

I think I will be doing this more often...

And I promise a better tutorial for this bun if anyone wants it!


  1. This over-hand knot bun looks very pretty, I actually like it better than the Nautilus. Might be biased though, as the Nautilus never worked for me, regardless of length.

    The braided cinnamon bun is really nice, too, it shows both length and thickness nicely. The cinnamon bun seems to be one of those buns that have manageable stages, where you can put your hair up into one and it will hold like a rock and then later it will refuse to stay put, I had/have the same experience. My guess is that especially people with thick hair or a lot of hair in the nape area are more prone to this: We get this big blob of hair in the first coil, as that is where the majority of our hair is, thickness-wise. The surrounding coils will likely get smaller in diameter because of taper, but will need to hold the center in place, which tries to push outwards. I think the bun works well if there's a balance between the weight of the inner coil and the surrounding ones. If you maintain to get more thickness in the length you'll probably enter stages where that balance is off, same when gaining/losing length.

    I just cut off about 2.5 cm and am at a tad below BSL now. On the one hand I love long hair, but I find it hard to maintain in a professional job with daily washing in the morning, it takes so long to dry it. Plus, I'm always wearing the same bun, mostly a "thing" held with an Invisibobble. i still debate whether I should cut even more into a real "style" to be able to wear it down again, haven't done that for over a decade.

    i find it always cool to see you trying out hairstyles

    1. Thank you :)
      Hmm, I think you're on to something. I have read theories about thickness to length and different buns before, but this is the first time I have read someones theory about taper! It does make a lot of sense, especially when it can completely throw off the symmetry of a bun.
      The same-bun-every-day really takes the fun out of having long hair in my opinion. I also find myself debating getting it cut shorter, but I do enjoy the styling options the length gives me. But... I don't have to wash my hair every day to maintain a professional appearance, that sounds like a real chore :(