Friday, 4 October 2019

Mildly interesting

Last weekend mr Igor and I went to Skördefesten in Lund. It's a harvest festival/farmers market and we really enjoyed it.

I spotted this lady wearing a cool, braided hair slide. I've never seen something like this before. It looked like it was made from braided wood and the picture doesn't entirely do it justice.  The lady told me it was made of willow.

Which made sense since she was sitting there working in willow. It's a traditional way of creating baskets and decorations and can even be used for larger objects like fences and the like.

It was a fun festival with lots of interesting foods. We brought a big bag home: Different cheeses, sauces, a bunch of different ecological juices, dressings, honey, spices and marmalade.

It also had a few exhibits like traditional folk dancing.
But no cool hair tools :(


  1. hi Ida, do you remember your interesting post: about a "slightly squished cinnamon bun?". well I found this video tutorial. Interesting to see it's a veeeery looooose cinnabun. I hate loose buns, they are unstable and after an hour a lot of fine hairs pop up.

    1. Argh, no. I only got halfway through the video before I closed it. I'm with you on this 100%: Lose buns suck! They probably look all cure and purposely messy and perfectly voluminous on pictures, but they end up pulling and pinching in no time in real life. Bleh.