Friday, 14 February 2020

29 different updos in February challenge: Day 14

Friday the 14th Sock bun (Non braided base)

I'm used to spotting my buns when I look in the mirror, but this bun is huge!

Not entirely satisfied with how it turned out, but this is good enough.


  1. There's a lady I see almost daily at the bus stop with about fingertip length hair and she has her hair up in a similar bun quite often. Not using a sock, but she puts in a scarf and has the bun quite high on her crown. I love it, it looks so elegant and comfortable, yet doesn't push out as much as a sock bun. I've tried the sock bun a couple of times on me, but that's what I always disliked about it, plus the part jutting out tended to slide down.
    Anyway, I really like how the purple peeps out among your hair color, it makes it look quite reddish.

    1. That sounds really beautiful! I wonder what her method is for making the bun? It must be more than just placing it higher? Any idea from how it looks? This bun was cool for a single picture, but I did not like the stability issues and the silhouette, so I'd love to know how someone can do it and make it look good on fingertip length hair :)

  2. She has quite fine hair, so even with the added scarf, while the bun is nice and thick, it's nowhere near the size of your buns without a scarf, I guess that helps a lot.
    From the look of it, it's a loose-ish and almost untwisted cinnamon bun and the scarf is used like a Paranda and then wrapped along with the length of the hair, you can't see the beginning or end of it. I wish I had the courage to ask her how she fastens it, as you can see any knots, pretty sure some hair pins are well hidden.
    I tried finding a similar picture, but so far the only ones I can find are styles where the scarf supports the entire updo and isn't just used as an accessory.

  3. I've been away on holiday and missed the first half of this party but wanted to thank you for the education and inspiration! And I absolutely love this huge bun style. ♥