Monday, 23 March 2020

Herbal hair treatment day

My hair is still not entirely happy after the Fuerteventura vacation. The sun, chlorine, saltwater and strange tapwater was pretty weird on it. Or maybe it's just me being overly suspicious... My hair has proven to be really resilient, so maybe I'm just paranoid.

At any rate, I did a herbal hair treatment with a pack of Eilistraee and a few conditioner samples and some leftovers. The Eilistraee mud had a funny texture: Both soft and grainy, strangely elastic and still falling apart.
And as always, I'm amused by bow it looks with the green mud on my head!

According to Nightblooming, the aloe vera is pressed without skin so I felt confident putting it on my hair (I'm massively allergic to aloe vera skin). The mud had a funny tingling, cooling feel even though I put it under a heat cap, but maybe that's from the stinging nettle?

As always after a herbal hair treatment, my hair felt strangely dry, so I did a quick, regular conditioning afterwards. That also helps getting the little leftover herbal grains completely out of my hair. There is always a bit hiding here and there no matter how long or how I rinse.

My hair felt amazing afterwards: Strong, shiny and soft.
The moisture just slid out of it and it dried too quick for my comfort. So I put it up in a bun to slow down the moisture loss a little.

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  1. It is always nice to see the smile of Lady Igor! ♥