Thursday, 16 April 2020

Hair and surgery

Yes, I made a video on this.

And here is a little "behind the scenes" of the updo for the video


  1. Wishing you well...and btw you look amazing on the vid! ♥

  2. I am blown away by your video. You speak SO WELL!! I don't speak english that well and that's the only language I know!

    From my experiences, I can say, surgery is It's the waiting until that's the scary part. But, when you go in, you are given the anesthesia and it's like you fall asleep and wake up. For my emergency surgery when my appendix ruptured, I woke up and felt AMAZING! The pain I was in was brutal, and what I found out later was I'd had appendicitis all week and by Friday, it had ruptured. (But I DID get in a dressage lesson Thursday in beautiful weather AND got to go on an amazing hack before, so that was good ;) )

    To help ease your worries, has either your Mom or Dad ever had surgery? If so, ask them how they felt after (did they throw up? Did they lose hair?) because that will tell you how you will react (genetics). I've had 3 surgeries (I don't remember my first as I was 2 and had my tonsils out), and every time, I was fine. In fact, I only threw up at my second surgery because I'd had to go into hospital to remove all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth, and they gave me demerol without gravol --my stomach HATES narcotic pain meds. In fact, after my appendectomy, my pain was managed by extra strength tylenol, and was nothing compared to...well, cramps (yes, my body just had to kick that in before surgery). What made me sick as I recovered from my appendectomy was the antibiotic---they had to give me a very strong one given my appendix had ruptured and I'd been that was for 48 hrs before surgery. That I ended up having to change, because it made me so ill. (thankfully not throwing up, but..other end issues)

    Hair wise, I never lost hair after my wisdom teeth removal (it was 1985 and my hair was at it's longest). Oddly, after my appendectomy (I'd JUST washed my hair before I went to my Mom's and from there, to the hospital)I shed not ONE hair from when I woke up from surgery to the 3/4 days I was there. I even brushed it to replace my top knot, and not ONE strand was gone. Weird right? For those 3 days, zip. Then, when I was discharged and went back to recover at my Mom's, well, that was a fun shower. Did I lose a ton? Nope. I would say I just shed the hair I'd missed those 3 days. In fact, my worst shed was due to stress in my mid 20s. I mean, like your experience, I noticed it much later when I was cleaning up literally HANDFULS of lost hair and I was suffering from very painful, scaly dandruff. My doctor gave me steroid based drops to help alleviate the painful scalp brought on by stress, and 2 drops and it disappeared. She said that the hair would grow back, but honestly I never noticed it was gone! Mine shed at the underneath part of my head (near my neck). The reason is, when we are stressed, the rise in cortisoidals causes hair loss. That's a known issue. My next bad shed was due to pre-menopause. That sucked and I was upset, but I was also massively stressed. I found a very good hair care line that was based on the skin rather than hair, and what an improvement that made.

    With that, I can say everything you are doing to prepare is right--be healthy, fit and eat right.

    For the best recovery hair styles, I found a top knot was the best for me, but with your length and volume, that likely will be far too heavy. I'm sure double braids or a single braid will work great---and just let yourself rest. The more sleep you get, the faster you heal. The good news is, the foot--while this is a big surgery, it's not a major organ like heart/lungs etc. A good friend I know had a double lung transplant due to having cystic fibrosis, and she did say it took it's toll on her hair. But again, she was not getting the right levels of oxygen long before her transplant, so that could also be a reason why. She came to me with some suggestions for her and they worked well(she has more curly red hair), and it's fine now(I think it's been 7 yrs now?)

    Hugs to you! If you need to ask questions, message me on FB! :)