Monday, 20 April 2020

Happy anniversary to Nightblooming!

Today is Nightblooming's 13 years Etsy anniversary!

Nightblooming and her products are pretty much Longhair Circuit Royalty, not to mention she is a generally really cool person, so I figured I would spend a blog post talking about her.

She recently published a book (Which I review without trying to spoil anything here) and have several e-books about haircare, such as Rehabilitating Damaged Hair Naturally (Which I also review hereColoring Hair Naturally with Henna & Other Herbs and a free e-book Natural Hair Care Articles.


So for all of the many, many, many, many, many, many people bored at home and itching to mess with their hair (No, seriously, it's both sad and hilarious how many hits a simple Google search got me) Why not give her natural products and haircare books a shot instead of messing with your hair?

Better to change your hair for the healthier than to turn into another sad statistic in the "quarantine bangs" meme.

About a month back, she announced a Iyarri chronicles contest and I thought it could be fun to enter something like my new rope braid or something similar. So I did!

I liked this passage in the book:
A female Iyarri stepped forward, wings all shades of gold-red and
ochre, like a phoenix not yet burst aflame. She was older, her hair done
in a complex looped bun, the strands a mix of silver, copper, and gold.
Tiahmani whispered in my ear. “That’s Denôé, head of the Idura’s
If Denôé were human, I would have guessed her to be in her sixties—
though she walked to the center of the library with the straight-backed
grace of royalty. Her voice was clear.
Denôé then proceeds to make a pretty strong speech with no sugarcoating her words or what the consequences for what have happened will be (Trying to avoid spoilers here). She's only in there for like 5 pages, but she's an important figure with power in the story, and I liked the description of her hairstyle and what little we learn about her personality.

So I drafted mr Igor to take some pictures for me as Denôé. We don't get any description of what she wears, but I imagined it something like business casual, but I might have been influenced on her speech most of all. I decided to tone it more down though and mr Igor and I ended up having some fun with some more meta photos instead.

I'm not going to share any pictures from our photo-session, because I'm not sure if I'm allowed? But I will share this: After we were done, I re-wrapped the base braids into more of a Chinese bun. Which looked awesome!

But by then, I was in my fluffy kitten onesie, so not really competition material, and I can share that.

You can't tell because of the massive Chinese bun, but there is two hidden Dutch braids under it!


  1. 13 internet is starting to have some "age" isn't it? This inspired me to head back to the debut of IBT..and it will be a decade old in January...impressive so many blogs go stale after a year or two. So kudos to Lady Igor and her excellent supportive husband!

    1. Crazy, isn't it? In internet age, it's practically ancient! And to think I started in the longhair circuit back on.... a yahoo group? Does yahoo even exist anymore??

  2. 13 years!!!! Can't believe that I've been drooling over her work for that long.

    And your bun looks incredible. I always think that Empress Sissi's hair must have been similar to yours in length and thickness, this bun surely would have been something she would wear if she lived today.

    1. I know, right? That is so old in internet age!
      Thank you XD I know they tended to... photoshop... the paintings, and she avoided the camera later in life, but she must have had an amazing head of hair!

  3. I love that leaf--is it a hair item or something else?

    1. It's a book mark that came with Nightblloomings book :) I figured it would work as decoration too!