Friday, 22 May 2020

Hair food

Mr Igor got me started on chia seed puddings and honestly, it's pretty good. Especially for how little effort it is! He is more into the nutritional side of foods than I am, so we learn from each other. He has actually been doing chia seed puddings for some years now, but I always thought it looked pretty sad and unappealing until I tried it.
Mr Igor likes to add lots of fruit to his, but I really enjoy the clean and simple flavour of this almond version.

Three-ingredient chia seed pudding
  • 400 ml coconut milk (One can)
  • 70 gram chia seeds
  • 100 gram almonds 

Nutritional value
There are huge differences from coconut milk to coconut milk, also based on the season! The light versions are perfectly tasty and less than half the calories.
  • One can of coconut milk is 280 calories and a sad 2 gram of protein, but is full of vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil is perhaps the best oil for hair externally and internally.
  • 70 gram of chia seed is 115 calories and a sad 7 gram protein, but it's one of those "superfoods" that is praised so much.
  • 100 gram of almonds is 600 calories and 20 gram of protein. Almonds is one of those foods that are commended for hair, skin and nails a lot. It's even said to prevent grey hair.
So if you make four portions like I did, it is less than 250 calories and 7 gram of protein each portion. But lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals and some very, very good fatty acids.

Basically you just
  1. Mix up the chia seeds and the coconut milk and
  2. Add the chopped, blanched almonds on top of it

Easy and tasty breakfast for four days made ready in just ten minutes or so. Good for hair, skin and nails too.


  1. You know - I never tried a chia pudding because of the same reason you stated, they simply don't look as if they could taste nice. plus, most of the time I read about them people seem to mix in a bunch of additional stuff that always left me thinking that they must do it to mask a bad taste. Might reconsider that now ;)

    1. Give it a shot and let me know what you think :) I actually wondered about that myself, but maybe it's because it looks more instagrammable that way? I mean, most foods we see on the internet are barely eatable in practicality because it's arranged so weird or overly stuffed with pretty herbs or weird details... No one eats like that! Ugh.