Friday, 19 June 2020

Herbal hair treatment day

Nightblooming have put my pictures up and it made me feel inspired to do a herbal hair treatment day. Link here

I used an Eilistraee colourless conditioner and some leftovers in the form of a Mane n' Tail conditioner sample I got back in an advent calendar, a Philip Kingsley sample I got with a skincare order, and an almost-empty Matrix Biolage conditioner.

Seriously, the funniest part of doing herbal haircare is looking at the crazy greenish mud on your head!

Some time and heat for the mud to work

As usual, my hair felt miserable after the herbal treatment, so I followed with a quick regular conditioner. I actually reviewed this Cien product a while back.

And just because I felt up for it, I finished it with a herbal rinse as well.

Hair felt pretty good!

1 comment:

  1. You model that role so beautifully! Well done.
    And today we get TWO rare Lady Igor smiles and the amazing braid!
    I love this place. ♥