Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Today's hair

Today's hair is a Nautilus bun that did not turn out well. I think my hair is getting too long for it. The lengthy inner coils push the entire updo out of symmetry and balance.


  1. This is one time when I ted to agree with your self evaluation. It does have a bit of a problem.

  2. I have an idea: try coiling once or twice as nautilus and the rest of the length as a cinnamon bun. I did that once but only on extra greasy hair because it had grip. on freshly washed hair my houdini hair escapes any updo lol

    1. I just tried this on my messy right-before-bed braid and WOW. I think you're really onto something here! It did get a bit of that "cannonball" effect, but I think I can correct it on a fresher braid. I'm going to try this tomorrow!
      Thank you so much for the idea!