Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Monday the 14th of February

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
Hubby and I shared a bottle of champagne and otherwise carried on like usual. My hair is in a braid from yesterday where I did a cassia treatment. I have been feeling pretty lazy lately and the systemized hair care doesn’t fit my mood at all!

Wednesday was supposed to be an ordinary conditioner day but the scalp is still feeling like its just waiting for a reason (=Too much conditioner) to get mad at me so I did my Ankylosaurus on the length. I smoothed two handfuls of Schwarzkopf Gliss shea cashmere on the dry length and wrapped it all up to sleep on it over night. That conditioner tends to be hard to rinse out for me. It’s “clingy” somehow. Not greasy or weird, just slippery-slimy and hard to get out. It worked well for the length only though. Maybe it’s a conditioner best preserved for damaged hair- and in my case only for the length?

Saturday was Cassia 4-in-1 treatment day

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