Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday the 19th of February

Coconut oil today. I did my combo deep treatment + CO wash with El vital protein + pearl. It seems like if my hair gets some protein before a moisture treatment, my hair becomes more conditioned than the two treatments separated.

I wanted to do a combination braid: Dual Dutch braids into one Dutch braid at the nape. Something that would last for a couple of days and could protect the hairs while the oil did its thing.

Now for a slight rant:

Men have a 6th sense for being in the way. They mean no harm with it, but OMFG it’s annoying!

I had put my jar of coconut oil on the radiator in the kitchen to slowly melt it. I put it in a small bowl and added a teaspoon of olive and walnut oil to it, then went for the bathroom. Just then, hubby decides he needs to pee. I wait impatiently while he finishes and washes his hands. I know well enough that A) I can’t concentrate well with him in there and B) he will manage to run into my elbow one way or another. I eyeball the oil. Should I microwave it quickly to buy myself a little more time before it cools and hardens? I decide against it: I just have to be quick. So I distribute the oil and start parting the hair for the Dutch braids. I get half one side done before hubby comes back into the bathroom and absolutely has to tell me about some dumb battle in Ikariam. I try to maintain a general do-not-disturb policy in the bathroom when I’m working on my hair, not that it’s always necessary, but because he can’t seem to spot the difference. With the damn oil quickly cooling and solidifying, this is one of the times where I really can’t multitask. I lose my focus, my grip and my idea of how far I was with the braiding. I yell at him to leave. He pouts and stomps off with an insulted little puppy dog face. It’s too late though: I have lost track and the braid unravels. I have to start over. I try again. The oil is stating to go solid and the colder ends have the distinct “sticky” feeling. The braid starts braiding itself in the bottom as I work, I can’t separate the sections correctly, I have lost my grip and my focus. Crap, crap and more crap!
I try once more and have to give up. Alright, back in a stupid, boring old English braid to get it out of my way. I start combing it back. It tangles like hell. I can’t detangle it without a new part spontaneously tangles up from the oily stickiness. I pull in frustration. Hair snaps. I get even more frustrated. More hair breaks. I’m pissed. Stupid oil, stupid hair, stupid hubby!
Finally, with a comb full of broken hairs I finish the stupid braid. Ugh!

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