Saturday, 2 April 2011


I was taking a look on LHC today out of stupid curiosity. Like always in the last two years or so, I ended up regretting it and asking myself why I check in on a place I know end up irritating and offending me.

First thing that sprang to my eyes was a pretty negative thread on “hating” hair stylists.

But where were the attacks from the self-appointed Stylist’s Squad? No personal attacks? No name-calling? No telling OP how she made some stylist cry? No mentioning how another stylist emailed yet another stylist to tell her how she was permanently scarred by LHC now? Thread not being locked in a few hours?

How odd. When I made a thread about silly stylist advice, that was what happened to me.

(And some of the stylists who had flipped out on me later bragged how they never even had a friendly mod-warning ever)

I guess by now I really shouldn’t be surprised at how unfair LHC modding is, but some times it’s hard not to be.

Second thing that jumped at me, was that someone had linked to my biotin rant in a thread on biotin. And then someone else than attacked the first poster for having done that and obviously didn’t read a single word of my blog post.

Sad how some people are so busy being bitchy and making themselves sound better than everyone that they don’t even realise they just argued against someone who had said almost the same as themselves?
That is indeed ironic.

I’m still considering writing an entry for my blog on what went down on LHC lately.
On the “for” side is that I know the people I care about are curious, and that I know how frustrating it is to see something obviously has happened to someone I care about and whose advice and opinion I value stops posting.
On the “against” side is that I know bitchy people will project their own bitchiness into a post no matter how carefully I word it and how much I explain and how many disclaimers I make.


  1. If it helps you, I am not offended about the answer. I still find our post very useful if just one reads and unterstands it, it's enough. *hug*

  2. I thought I had commented on this yesterday, but apparently my comment got lost in cyberspace or something.

    I just wanted to tell you that I would like a post on your thoughts on what has happened lately on LHC - clearly, something happened, but I never really figured out what it was. And since it’s your blog, and yours alone, you are free to say whatever you want about other websites.

    I really like your new blog. Finally it is the independent site it always deserved to be with all your hair knowledge.

    And happy birthday with your birthday yesterday!

  3. Wow, I had no idea this was all going on. I remember seeing that stylists comment on UTT and wondering why it was such a big deal... knowing this, it makes sense.
    Belated happy birthday, and don't let drama on the internet get you down =D
    PS: Hi, this is the first time I've been to your blog.

  4. Seems like my comment got lost too, what I wrote then was a lot better phrased and well thought out but in essence:

    Do write your side of the story, some people will always choose to misinterpret but they will do that whatever you do, whether you choose to keep quiet or not... so you might as well feel free to say your side.

    Personally I have valued your opinions on most topics since I joined LHC.

    MsN00b (Sinisiew on LHC)

  5. I read that stylist-thread after it was locked and couldn't see anything mean or rude about it. It wasn't stylist-hating or anything! It was just gathering some WTF-moments! The "stylists" attacking you for it was totally out of line and should have been slapped for that.

  6. Totally agree with everyone