Friday, 8 April 2011

Thursday the 8th of April

Boring post ahead…

I had a lot of work to do around the apartment but also wanted to wash my hair and deep condition. So I distributed two handfuls of Frank Provost expert repair from the shoulders down, rebraided, covered with a bag and a elastic bandage. Usually I wet my hair before doing the Ankylosaurus, but today I did it dry. Then I ignored it and went about my business for 3 hours or so.

Later I rinsed it out and did the Sexysmurf with Schwarzkopf Gliss for 2 hours while watching a movie with hubby. Rinsed that out and followed with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

As always, my hair gets slightly upset after a deep treatment, so its in a simple English braid now. Its probably because the little “scales” covering the hair strands gets disturbed by the conditioner penetrating.


  1. Sexysmurf with Schwarzkopf Gliss ? What is that?

  2. Elena, the Sexysmurf is a method of hair containment. Post regarding it is here:

    I would guess the Schwarzkopf Gliss is a product.
    Hope that helps.

    Igor, do you notice a difference in deep conditioning your hair dry vs wet? I notice my hair seems to absorb the conditioning better when wet, although I use straight oils and not a conditioner which may alter matters.

  3. Firegarnet, I have noticed that it seems harder to rinse, that’s about it. It means that dry conditioning works for my ends which like it a bit heavier than the scalp.
    I recall that some of the ultra long people have recommended dry conditioning and I wonder if it’s a good move for porous ends?
    Well, all speculation aside I guess its mostly a matter of laziness for me :D No rinsing required, just slather it on, wrap it up and ignore!