Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New page is up

By popular demand by vaguely endearing creepy weirdoes, I have posted a page on what went down on LHC. I know its long, very long. But if I can ask just one thing, it is that you all read everything if you chose to venture there!

And I posted it as a page because I didn’t feel like it belonged in my blog. No negativity and unfairness in my blog please ^_^


  1. Hej Igor!

    Du känner inte mig, men jag är Konstifik på LHC. Hörde att du inte längre hänger där, men blev ändå förfrågad att höra med dig om du har tid och möjlighet att träffas på ett LHC-möte i Göteborg nu på Fredag den 22a. Lite kort varsel, jag vet. Och det gör inget om du inte längre är LHCare såklart. Hår som hår, forum spelar ingen roll ;)
    Du kan svara till mig på "frida.ullenius" (utan såna där citationstecken) snabel-a gmail punkt com :)

  2. Hi, Igor

    I know we didn't really interact all that much over at LHC (I don't interact with anyone personally at that site), but I just found out that you've left. I'm disappointed about what happened to you, and had I known you were leaving I would have dropped you a pm to let you know that I really appreciate the information you've provided and I always considered you one of THE HAIR GURUS. And that your presence there would be missed.

    I'd barely noticed that other people were leaving, but I didn't expect that you would be one of them, and that really really sucks.
    I never thought you were negative, just honest (and funny) about the stupidity, and I admire that.

    Anyway, I hope everything goes well for you, and hopefully I'll see you around on other sites :)

    - Bene

  3. I read it all. Thank you for posting that! I don't post there a lot, but I have always thought there was something fishy/creepy going on there.
    Even though I don't go there I lot I have noticed the pattern: Randomly people will start threads on how fantastically-amazing-awesome that forum is and how everyone are super-friends around there, but there is so much meanness and bitchiness going around and the mods seems to let their favourites get away with everything!
    Then of course there are the people/questions that are so unbelievably stupid, rude or too lazy to look around for themselves and expect to have the answer served with an order of compliments to go too. Hah, typing that down made me feel sorry for the old gurus. I think you are on to something with the guru-board! Too bad the mods obviously decided that THAT elegant solution is the spawn of all evil.

  4. I for one am really happy you put this up!