Friday, 15 April 2011

The dumbest thing you ever did for hair

We have all done things for hair that sooner or later made us facepalm at the memory, right?

Well, my dumbest thing was that for some 3 months I slept with the foot end of my bed raised thinking it would help my hair grow.

The theory was that doing so would make more blood flow to the head and thus to the follicles.
Of course its up for discussion how stupid it was exactly. Its not like it could hurt, but it was definitely dumb.

The weird way of sleeping ended when I learned about cells and exchange of nutrients. When the cell wants a nutrient, it opens chemical channels to “grab” the nutrient from the blood cells as they pass by the cell in the blood vessels. It is not possible to force “extra” nutrients into the cells. Increasing the blood flow isn’t a bad thing of course, but its not increasing the absorption of nutrients.

We were all noobies at some point, right? 


  1. The dumbest thing I did, that I recall at the moment, was my first oiling. I didn't realize the amount should be small. I saturated my hair with olive oil. Like cups of the stuff. Then of course it took even more shampoo to get out (back when I used shampoo). By the time the oil was out my hair was straw. Sigh.

    Your dumbest thing was much kinder to your hair than mine :)

  2. The dumbest thing I did to my hair, I did a few times. I dyed red like dark scary red. I was younger and didn't like or care about my hair at all. I'm still fighting with the damage I did the last time I fried my hair. Years later.

  3. I fell for the "you have to cut once a month to make it grow" for a while... ._.