Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunday the 17th of April

Apparently I can’t remember to copy + paste the entries I type down…?


Hair was getting really greasy so I did a thorough CO wash. First I massaged the scalp with a handful of Syoss shine boost, and then wrapped the length up with Franck Provost expert reparation in the Ankylosaurus for some hours.

Then I went to CO wash again with the Syoss leftover with added water. That’s where I made a mistake. I flipped my head over the tub to rub the conditioner in and my hair instantly tangled up. That’s the one thing I absolutely can’t do to my hair: Sudden direction-changes. I think it has to do with being a coarsie; I just don’t have the same slip as the finer hair types.

For some reason its one of those hair-lessons I have a really hard time accepting and not repeating. Sigh. I know it and yet I do it from time to time. And then beat myself up over being an idiot and doing something I know will screw it up.

Well, I used the Syoss conditioner to help me detangle. Covered it all with conditioner and combed it patiently under the running water. Took a long time, but hey it gave me a good CO wash.

Finished with an ACV dip and my hair were perfectly happy, clean and shiny afterwards.

I’m wondering about the condition of my ends. The last 20 cm or so of my hair feels and reacts different than the rest of my hair. I think it’s a combination of age (9+ years) and that that part of my hair has shampooed and used harsher styling products on when I was growing it out.
Usually hair drying fast will mean that hair is healthy, because it’s not porous and can’t absorb or withhold a lot of water. My ends dry very fast lately.
The last month or two, I have been routinely spraying the ends with an oil mix and it seems to be absorbed well.
Does the oil really improve the ends health? Is it not a sign of healthy hair but perhaps the opposite? Or is it maybe that the oils absorbed are hydrophobic and expels the water?


  1. I have a theory about ends drying faster:
    1: They are free-er than scalp hair as it's not against the scalp, thus allowing more air flow
    2. Less hair as you get away from the scalp
    3. more air circulation = faster drying

    It's just a theory ;)

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