Saturday, 24 September 2011

Corian Ketylos vs. Dymondwood Ketylos

I found 4 differences between my new 7” corians and my old 7” dymondwoods.

  • They are slightly thicker.
  • The corians are just a smidge heavier: 25 grams for a set as opposed to the 15 grams of my dymondwoods. Not something you notice unless you hold a set of each (Or are curious and stick them on the digital scale like I did)
  • As it shows on the picture, they corkscrew just a little less than the dymondwood. It doesn’t seem to make them “grip” any less when you screw them in though.  
  • The dymondwoods have a much blunter end and stays almost the same thickness through the sticks length where the corians start tapering immediately after the last twist and comes to a much pointier end.  

None of the differences really matter though. You don’t notice any of them when using the sticks. I love the Ketylos for the simple beauty in their design and their beautiful wood/colour. They are extremely wearable and hairfriendly.

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