Friday, 23 September 2011

I’ve got mail!

Well, actually the Ketylos came a few days ago but the cold has been kicking my ass and I’ve felt totally unmotivated to do anything.

The three sets of corian Ketylos. It was really hard to get a picture of the true colours and patterns of these. The light blue ones have small specks too but it didn’t show well on the pictures

Package from Little Orca of LHC and UTT, who blogs here. Isn’t she talented?
(Of course this is a hint that she wants me to steal the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen, lol)

What was inside:

  • Beef jerky. My undisputed favourite snack but unfortunately ridiculously overpriced here. (Which I really don’t understand since according to hubby, they also make it from elk up in the north of Sweden. So, if any kind reader would feel like sending me some…? *Hopeful puppy dog eyes* )
  • Hair treatments, yay! Really looking forward to try these :) 
  • Kitty-card!
  • Scünci bendinis. Looking forward to try these.
  • Swedish fish. Made me chuckle that these were manufactured in Canada, bought in USA and then shipped to a Dane in Sweden!
  • Ouchless headband. Pretty and soft. I will use this a lot :)
  • Argan oil treatment. Argan oil was the big craze some time ago on UTT so I’m really looking forward to try it


  1. Can you please write a blog about what you think of Henna N Placenta? I've seen it all over place and was wondering what others thought of it.

  2. wow what a sweet friend!

  3. Oh wow awesome loot! :) great sticks and treatments and candy and toys :D