Sunday, 16 October 2011


Aka “Public service announcement for the Swedes!”

I went shopping at Nova Lund with Chemist friend and we went to ÖoB located right outside the mall. Chemist friend had heard from someone at her department that it was a good place for those minor repairs around the house- kind of things. To my surprise they had a load of V05!

<3 !

I’ve been lucky to find a few bottles of V05 here and there in Denmark and Sweden, but it looks like ÖoB might actually stock it!
It was really nice and cheap in general, so I stocked up on conditioners and a single leave in-conditioner. They had only two left of those and since I got the Chemist hooked on the wonder of those, we picked one each.
The Gliss leave in conditioner seems to be around normal price, but its not every day I stumble over a leave in-conditioner in a supermarket so I was happy! The two Respons products would also be around normal price, but the V05 was definitely cheap
Non hair related I also got a regular kitchen brush for brushing on facial masks and distributing them evenly

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  1. Ooh I love those Garnier products (called Ultra Suave or Ultra Mild in other countries) The Coconut oil + cocoa butter condish is my favourite <3
    I wish we had VO5 here, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't make it as cheap as it is in other places, just now they brought Aussie to Portugal, and it's three times more expensive than for the rest of the world! How crazy is that?