Thursday, 20 October 2011

Webcam frustrations

My mini HP has a built in webcam, but no program to take still photos with. I guess I would never have noticed this, except that I’ve been receiving some questions that would make it convenient to use it for demonstrations.

A quick sidetrack: I don’t want to be an ass here, but it’s annoying to receive questions about my blog on other places like my Facebook and on UTT. You can leave a comment on a post or even contact me on the mail belonging to the blog. I even made it possible to leave anonymous comments, just to get out of people asking me about my blog in other places when I have a blog specifically for my hair.

Anyways. Finding a webcam program turned out to be really difficult. I just wanted a normal, simple program to take pictures with. It seems 95% of all programs out there come with all sorts of crap.

Want a “like totally cute and funny” picture of yourself with bunny-ears to show how cute you are?
Want a “like totally cute and funny” picture of yourself on fire to show how totally funny you are?
Want a “like totally cute and funny” picture of yourself with a funny hat to show how free-spirited you are?

I don’t. I just wanted a [Bleeping] webcam picture.

I thought I struck gold with a program called Photobooth that takes simple, normal pictures. It even went “3…2…1… Click!” It seemed perfect until I found that I couldn’t find the saved pictures. Anywhere. Huh? I made hubby take a look at it too, but he couldn’t find it either. So yea, I guess we discovered the most useless program ever made?

Well, I ended up with a 30 day trial of Webcam companion. It can take normal, simple pictures, but also comes with a whole lot of crap I don’t want. It will have to do for the next 30 days though.

In 30 days the hunt continues. Sigh.

No, I’m not an Aquarius, I just took the picture for fun

Webcam programs suck! Screw it all, I’m going to the gym…

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  1. I love your blog. I think it's funny, informative and really cool. I'm kind of a hair fan of yours. Not in a creepy way. :P I'm growing my hair out too and I love how you grew your hair after having it all shaved off. It's an inspiration, plus your hair thickness is enviable. :D

    I've personally always has trouble with the web cam photos, so I ended up just taking screen shots of my web cam after I opened it on yahoo messenger. Weird? Yeah. Easy and free? Also yeah. lol