Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Slightly scary…?

I got both Biologist and Chemist friends hooked on the Flexi 8s. Especially Chemist friend who ended up ordering from them three times and has a collection with 4 different sizes and 10 different designs. (Hm, that’s more than me!)
Seeing her collection made me itch to buy some XLs to see if they fit better for a figure 8 bun since the megaflexi doesn’t hold as tight as I wish. But then again, I do still think the completely rude reply I got to my suggestion makes them owe me a big fat apology before I spend more money there…

When I took my megaflexi out and down to take a picture, it just looked a bit odd…

An extra small Flexi 8 fits inside my Megaflexi

And a mini is completely dwarfed by it


  1. Wonder who started you off in flex world?

  2. Yes, I wonder who I still owe a spanking for that?? :P