Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Urgent wash day

I have been beating myself up for not doing something cool and fun with my hair for a while. Keeping a blog really shatters your illusions about how often you do things with your hair!
So I had planned to do double Dutch braids, wrapping one around my head like a headband and then seeing if I could secure it with the second braid in the form of a Nautilus at the neck. I thought maybe my large Flexi 8s would be the right size for holding a braided Nautilus done on only half my hair.

Well, I still plan on trying that…

But I woke up to a spontaneously itchy and flaky scalp. What the heck? Where did that come from? I’m mystified. There have been no signs of my hair greasing up or getting irritated at all, it was like an unprovoked night-time attack of the flakeys!

Is it the winter cold kicking in messing with my sebum? Too much time spent in hats maybe? Something I ate??

So instead of doing something fun with my hair, I had to go for an emergency wash. Eh, yeah, that’s just as fun. Not.

Towel drying a bit after having scrubbed the scalp with three handfuls of the blue VO5

Sexy Smurf!
Note the sexy hint of cling wrap at the neck and the oh-so-seductive extra big hump from the heat pack and three old hats, yummy!
Testing out the new smaller self-warming hearts and the Schwarzkopf ultimate repair conditioner for deep conditioning. A little creativity with a bandage and you can be surprisingly mobile while doing the SexySmurf: I gave the kitchen a much needed cleaning. Then rinsed and did a quick ACV dip.

Doing something “fancy” on freshly washed hair always spells disaster for me, so it went in a simple English braid.

The Ultimate Repair conditioner seemed pretty nice. My hair is left shiny and easy to manage. Feels thicker too. It felt a bit “slick” or something that made it hard for me to judge when it was rinsed clean. I can’t say I care much for the scent though. Hubby likes it but I’m a bit… Meh. About it.


  1. For me, I get the itchies if my scalp sweats or if the temperature changes--if it's gotten cold in your area and the heat is on in your apartment, that could do it.

  2. That sounds very possible! I am just very surprised. Usually my hair and scalp are so easy and low maintenance that it was a real shock to wake up to itchy-cranky-flaky-horrible scalp

  3. When I saw the photo of you scratching, that was how I look ;) I just have zero tolerance for itchy scalp, but I have to wash--I found CO didn't work for my needs.

    My biggest issue now is trying to find a shampoo that is moisturizing, but a clear type as cream shampoos will instantly set off the itchies for me

    I wanted to thank you for your makeup suggestions--I actually bought some new eyeliners (white/light pink) for the first time in years. I figured I'd get ahead of my shopping for Christmas since I dress up for the holidays.

  4. I've been phantom itching? watching my youngest son deal with chicken pox which went on his scalp too. poor thing