Monday, 14 November 2011


I stumbled over this:

Tangle Teezer for sale on a Swedish cosmetics site for 169 kronor. Shipping is 30 kronor or free for purchases over 500. Link.
(For the “comb” that is 138 Danish kroner or 18,5 Euro or 25,2 USD)

I’m tempted. The tangle Teezer is one of those very, very hyped products you always hear about in the longhair circuit. But on the other hand, as I have experienced multiple times before, hype =/= good product. At least not for my thick hair.

I checked around and found other Swedish sites selling it too, some cheaper, some more expensive.

But I find myself returning to the conclusion that A) It’s too fine-toothed for me and B) I don’t think I can make friends with the weird shape.

Kind reader Julya pointed me to a place that sells combs I will probably be better off with. Link.

I keep eyeing this one:

The hard rubber combs with handles should be perfect. Water safe and a good size. I think 2-3 of these will be my Christmas gift to myself? And maybe an argan oil too…? Hm.


  1. I have 9-10 cm in circumference, fine strands, and I still love my TT to bits for dry detangling. It won't do for wet hair (on the other hand, nothing does for me) or creating updos, but nothing else can detangle my tangleprone hair so fast and painless. The shape is fine even for me as a leftie, even if it took some time to get used to holding it in my palm. And it still works wonders after a couple of years of daily use and rough handling and many of the tines being bent like on an old toothbrush. ;)

    Hey, I've been thinking about getting a new one! I'd be happy to take over an unloved TT if you decide to try it out and it doesn't work, I can pay whatever you paid for it. :)

  2. I think you will probably be underwhelmed with a tangle teezer. I have a one, and while it works well on my son's waist length hair, I don't really use it on my hair. I think the tines are too rough feeling and that they may be damaging. It feels nice on the scalp though.

    As for the combs, I have this one: that has wide teeth, along with a few other fine and medium toothed combs. I have never tried one of their hard rubber combs, I'm not sure that they are seamless, as they don't say handmade in the description. My favorite is a medium toothed one, it's designated by C7S, but it looks a bit different from the C7S pictured on the Creative website. Happy comb shopping!


  3. I could never use a tangle teaser---I prefer a longer handle for my hair, but of course, mine isn't as long or thick as yours. I do have a similar comb to this though, and I love it.