Friday, 18 November 2011


I’ve been way overdue for a good deep treatment for a while, but I just haven’t bothered.
Whenever my hair begins to need conditioning, it starts retaining water and stays moist and dripping for hours. When it’s freshly conditioned, the water “slides” off and it dries top down.

Since my scalp is still irritating, I decided on the cassia treatment I have considered for scalp exfoliating. My hair was still annoyingly moist from my post gym shower, so I mixed up the cassia and applied it directly without pre-wetting it.

My mix today consisted of more cassia than usual, a pack of henna and placenta, a tablespoon cholesterol treatment, a tablespoon of the Respons treatment that turned out to be too heavy for me in itself (Hubby hated the smell too, but it’s more important that I didn’t like the product. Hah!) leftovers from the Schwarzkopf ultimate repair and I filled up with the blue VO5. I skipped the tea altogether.

I smothered it on trying not to manipulate it too much. I never trusted the grainy cassia structure versus my hair! Then left it under cling wrap with the two heat pack hearts and warm hats for 1½ hour.

Skipping the tea completely solved the dripping-issue I normally have with cassia treatments! Hmm. Worth considering skipping the tea in the future??

Rinsed. Hair felt dry and cranky as usual after cassia. Smothered it in VO5 and put it up with cling wrap, warm hats and heat packs for another 30 minutes. Rinsed again.

My hair now feels fantastic. Smooth, strong and shiny! It’s already almost dry from the shoulders and up, even in the braid. I wonder though: Did the stronger cassia mix mess with the colour? It’s impossible to see while it’s still damp. I will report back tomorrow.

Now, Igor needs her sleep.

Goodnight and sweet dreams everyone!

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