Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy ten years “birthday” to my hair

It's 2 in the morning right now, so it’s officially my hairs 10 years "birthday". 10 years since I shaved my head!
Time flies!
Hah, if someone had told me those ten years ago that I would end up growing to knee length hair, I would have laughed.

Funny how things goes.
Back then I just wanted to get rid of the crappy lemon damage and try something new. Then I wanted to grow it long enough to go in a ponytail…Then into a braid…Then into a bun…Then into a knotty bun…Then into a braided Nautilus.
It sneaks up on you, the hair.

Right now I’m more interested in the Christmas preparations. Hubby is off at work and I would like to have finished some of it before he comes home so we can enjoy a relaxing and stress free Christmas.

I’m giving my hair a new comb and some argan oil for its “birthday” and Christmas.


  1. Happy 10 year birthday to your hair! :D

  2. Happy 10th birthday to your hair!
    It looks great.