Saturday, 24 December 2011

My hubby is awesome!

I can’t always figure out how hubby feels about my hair obsession and my blogging. I know he likes my hair very much but I think he finds it slightly weird that I never shampoo and that I spend a lot of time searching for information and new tools and toys.
I think his opinion on the whole blog can be summed up with what he said the first time he learned about it: “You write about your hair? And you have people reading about your hair?”. Mildly confused amusement indeed.
He takes my pictures without complaining and some times comes up to me when I’m writing and asks me what I’m writing about. But when it comes to me replying or when I start a conversation about my latest obsession, I always had a feeling he was just keeping a polite smile on top of his mildly confused, mildly uninterested amusement.
Well, today my darling hubby proved that he actually does pay attention and does care!
Look what was among our packages:

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