Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello, 2012!

I hope everyone got well into 2012 with no fireworks injuries and hangovers?

2011 was the year where I started this blog and where I finally reached that cursed knee length.

Going to focus on what I’m good at for my blog for a while; Writing. At least I think that’s one of my strengths?
We’ll see if I return to the videos at some point. But for now, I have a new page up: Hair geek dictionary.

Hubby and I had a pretty quiet new years eve together. He managed to get me with the influenza he had over Christmas, so both Christmas and new years ended up pretty subdued.
Look what my darling hubby got us for New Years Eve:
I have the best hubby in the world!
Totally random Christmas present picture:


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  1. Now ain't he cute eating your laptop. How often does he eat? It could get expensive feeding him...