Monday, 2 January 2012

Late night fridge raid

Hubby took this picture of me raiding the fridge in my pyjamas and a bathrobe to dry off my freshly CO washed hair. I quite liked the picture!
Note that I’m wearing little claw clips to keep my hair out of my face. I have absolutely no natural parting and need to tie my hair up or pin it back to see!
I must admit I’m very shocked at how my ends look! I knew that sticking with no trims in 2011 would take its toll on them, but I thought I would be closer to my usual blunt cut than this. Now I’m really itching for a trim!
My opinion on the ends aside, I think it looks pretty cool that my hair goes so far down the almost floor length bathrobe.


  1. You look like a princess trapped in the wrong time :)

    And I know how you feel about the part--this is why I have bangs---even my hair dresser said my bangs want to grow forwards and curl inward, which would drive me nuts--so, bangs it was :)

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  3. Wet hair pics are not supposed to be looked at. Wet hair pics are depressing. Wet hair pics are Teh Evil.
    Or when thy're cute like this one it's OK BUT you don't want to look at your ends. Ever.

  4. mmmmmmm fridge night raids :P

    bangs are over rated. I regret doing mine and guess what i'm growing out now (they are a a very irritating length at the moment).

    Wet hair i actually kinda like. I like braiding it when wet. Longer it stays damp the silkier it seems to be :)

    As Darkhorse said "You look like a princess" with that robe too :)