Monday, 12 March 2012

Cassia and oil

I was going to do a cassia treatment tonight but my cassia pack wasn’t opened yet.  Meh. I always do a test on some shed hairs before doing a treatment. It might not be necessary before each treatment but at least the first time you take a pack in use. Since cassia is a natural product you don’t have the same guarantee of a uniform product as you do with a conditioner.
This is why you collect some shed strands from time!
Then I thought of doing an OCM. I do them from time to time but since OCM are good for mostly whiteheads and blackheads, it doesn’t do much for my skin issues. But they do feel nice. I thought maybe I could add a few drops of my new tea tree oil to the oil mix?
Since I was thinking about oils I realized my trusty oil spray was being pretty icky. Containers for oil always have such a tendency to get greasy and disgusting!
So I emptied it and cleaned it out. All nice and clean, yay!
It’s a fairly expensive pump-action oil spray intended for cooking.
Look how my collection of oils has grown too!
Argan: Strange smell but a fantastic ability to boost the copper tones I so love in my hair!
Coconut: A little more annoying to work with then the rest since it solidifies but it seems to have the biggest impact on my hair. My skin hates it and I break out if it touches it.
Hemp seed: Light and nice. Fantastic on the skin.
Macadamia nut: Penetrates nicely and is easy to clean off.
Olive: My least favourite oil. It’s icky and sticky and difficult to rinse clean. Doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on my hair.
Walnut: Light and nice.
Now the question is what I should fill into my nice and clean oil spray and what to use on my skin?
I settled for a somewhat random mix of 4 parts argan oil, 4 parts macadamia oil, 2 parts hemp oil, 2 parts walnut oil and one part olive oil for the oil spray. Maybe I should get an essential oil with a nice scent for my oil spray? One that doesn’t mess with the hair but only adds scent (Although I wouldn’t totally hate it if it darkened my lighter ends just a tad. Even though I’m doing my best with covers and sunblock, ten years does take the colour out of hair…)
For the OCM I went with 3 parts of hemp seed oil, 1 part olive oil, 1 part walnut oil, 1 part argan oil and a few drops of tee tree oil. I thought of trying the macadamia too but better try each of the new ones at the time. Who knows if I will tolerate them or not? My skin absolutely hates coconut oil and it makes me itch and break out. I know I tolerate hemp, olive and walnut oil.
I like spreading the oil out with a brush and using an electric toothbrush to work it in. Just using your fingers doesn’t really work as well especially around “corners” like the nose.

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  1. I read that either lavender or rosemary may darken hair after continued use (though I used both for years and noticed no difference, but my hair is darker to begin with)

    Be careful with tea tree oil, too much can be drying to the skin, mmy sister used it a lot and she had that problem once.