Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hair diary

Monday the 5th of March
Deep conditioning with El Vital. Wow, it’s been a while since I did a real deep conditioning. Must have been before I left for Denmark? Ages ago, hah. Well, time to put a bit of effort into the hairy health project again!
Hairstyle of the day: A simple English braid for the slippery freshly conditioned mane.

Tuesday the 6th of March
Doing a S&D. Finding a whole lot of splits! More than usually definitely and a different type than my regular splits. Usually I find “eyes” and “deep splits” where the damage is detached from the end of the hair and formed a bit up. I guess it’s from elastics, which wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This time I find a lot of “real” splits formed at the end. I guess my last trim took off a lot of un-damaged ends and took the new ends up to where the damage is located? Kind of funny to see it change.
Pretty AnntoiNet's sent me an email yesterday that I didn’t see until today asking if I was interested in upgrading my order to express mail since it would have international tracking for my large and expensive order. I like businesses that take a real interest in their customers!
Hairstyle of the day: Braided Nautilus bun.

Wednesday the 7th of March
Today was supposed to be an olive oil-day but I was never a fan of olive oil and I was itching to try my brand new macademia oil. It has a nice thin-ish consistency and smells pleasant. I do an Ankylosaurus with it overnight.
According to the USPS tracking number, my PrettyAntoniette package has already left the US, yay!
Hairstyle of the day: Figure 8 bun.

Thursday the 8th of March
The macademia oil has a nice absorption. I use a bit of watered down leave in conditioner to wash some of the surface oil out. I don’t intend to wash it clean, just to get the majority of surface oil off. The oil has a nice non-sticky kind of effect even though it’s not completely cleaned out of the hair. Then I put it up in a nautilus bun. One of those “Get it out of the way and ignore it” days.
Having one of those days where everything gets on my nerves. The big tax day was Monday and it has been grating on my nerves since. Except for last year, I’ve had to pay taxes back every single year since ever no matter if I studied or worked (Or how much I worked) But since I actually got money back last year I thought I would this year again. They must have changed a rule because I haven’t made any more money this year? I had to pay quite a bit back and it put a real stick in the wheel for my plans. I had planned to buy myself two new identical phones, one for my Danish number and one for a new Swedish, and I fell in love with an expensive sliding phone. Damn. That will have to wait.
Hairstyle of the day: Dutch braid.

Friday the 9th of March
The macademia oil has fully absorbed.
Reminder to self: Email Hairsense. They have taken the money but no email, no shipping, no notice they even acknowledged my order.
Hairstyle of the day: Figure 8 bun.

Saturday the 10th of March
After my morning hair rinse I don’t use leave in conditioner. My plan was to do a cassia treatment in the evening according to my hair plan but hubby distracts me with takeout Thai food, candy, beer and rented DVDs. Mmmh, night home on the couch > cassia treatment.
Hairstyle of the day: Braided Nautilus bun.

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  1. Hi there,

    I know this has nothing to do with hair but I saw you needed two phones for a Danish and Swedish number and I thought I'd let you know that there are phones that can hold two SIM cards. That way you only need one phone for both you numbers.

    I can't give you a brand name or anything but I know they exist. Perhaps it's something worth looking into.