Friday, 23 March 2012

Fish oil and vanity

I’m not really sure what to think of fish oil/omega 3 supplements. It has been on pretty much permanent trial with me ever since I first started taking supplements. It seems to be one of those “super foods” that always gets praised for being good for…Well, just about everything?

I’ve been taking it half for my hair “Because everyone else are doing it!” and half for my really crappy ankle that hurts in the winter cold (Multiple fractures that haven’t been set right because the arrogant and uninterested doctor in the ER decided it was “just a sprain” and I was just being a baby and wanted attention. No, I don’t like doctors, why do you ask?)

But in the time I’ve been taking fish oil I never really felt it actually made a difference at anything. I kept taking it on a “trial basis” for years though.

Gosh, that makes me sound dimwitted and sheep-like, doesn’t it?

But to defend myself, omega 3 supplements do seem to be good for a lot in the body. It seems to be one of those supplements you “should” take if you decide to take supplements.

I was supposed to bring a new bottle of fish oil home with me from Denmark, but it turned out to contain vitamin E so I didn’t want it.

I’ve been out of fish oil since then and haven’t gotten myself around to restock.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any difference though.

But yesterday I was reading a magazine at the gym (On the treadmill) and there was an article about fatty acid imbalance causing skin problems and omega 3 supplements relieving trouble skin. My skin has been acting up lately, but since its standard setting seems to be somewhere between “Troublesome” and “Total-bitch-freakout” it wasn’t something I was thinking about. Could it be because I haven’t taken my supplement for weeks?

Could I finally have found a real reason to take omega 3 supplement?

I’m going to place an order for some soon and we will see. Hmm…


  1. Good luck with that! I hope you find it helps.

  2. Fish oil supplements always gives benefits to body, but there are many other fish oil products available which are not good for health. These contains less vitamins and they are not made naturally.
    make your own omega 3 fish oil

  3. I'm going through the menopause and I found that when I stop taking my daily Extra Strength Cod Liver oil omega supplement, I get hot flushes and perspire heavily in phases during the night.

    I don't know whether it is the omega fatty acids, the vitamin D or the vitamin E in these supplements that is having this positive effect, but it is worthwhile taking them instead of suffering in silence or taking HRT (which I really do not want to do).

    Anyway, why am I posting this? Your are a long, long away from the menopause! I guess I just wanted to let you know that Omega fats do have an effect.