Friday, 23 March 2012

Seriously disappointed in Hairsense, part II

After not having emailed me a confirmation (And then hinted to that it was my own email that was at fault when pressed for information) and basically written lolcat to me (By the owner!) I thought I was done being disappointed in Hairsense.    
Well, I honestly wasn’t completely thrilled with the combs either. They have traces of teeth marks from sawing (?) between the teeth and they have obviously been sanded down, but only on the surface, not between the teeth.

But 15 minutes ago, after having put my freshly WO-washed hair up in a braid with some leave in-conditioner and using my dedicated “After detangling, use for distribution of leave in-conditioner and putting hair up”-comb, I tried to remove the few shed strands that are always caught in the comb.

Only to find that one little clump of hair was somehow stuck in the teeth.

I have owned this comb for a grand total of a week and used it five times in total.

I could not be more disappointed in Hairsense than I am right now.

Never, ever going to let them have any of my money again.
Who knows how much of my hair has been ripped to shreds by this nasty split??


  1. Sorry, posting on my phone, but wanted to see if the comb is wood or plastic? If it's wood, that split looks normal to me for a layered wood getting wet. Seen it some on strange cuts or carving on the grain of solid wood. I'm the tool and lumber area manager for a local hardware store, so I take the scraps to play with for sticks. But that's how I found the grain issue. Water gets in, wood swells unevenly, wood splits. But, a seller should know that issue and let people know!

  2. Hi Anon,
    The comb was sold as a bone comb or “bakelite” comb and it says “100% organic resins” which I must admit I’m not really sure what means? Definitely doesn’t sound like wood though… I don’t think it feels like wood wither, but then again Ketylos doesn’t feel like wood at all so I guess it could be deceptive?
    I was looking for something water proof when I went to Hairsense. Since I rarely handle my hair when dry, I needed something that was water safe.
    But “…Then each tooth was carved, filed, sanded and polished over and over in a 18 step process done by hand.” Is definitely not true!
    I guess what I feel is the saddest thing is that after the way I’ve been talked to be the owner, I can’t even be bothered to TRY to bring the issue up with her…

  3. Yuck! Got me on what it is, but it's not nicely finished. Please share if you find a good comb, I gave up and use my knock off tangle geezer brush. Meh. It's ok, but it doesn't get my hair smooth and meat like yours. Thanks for the warning! I don't have much for my hair since I just put it up and ignore it. DBF mentioned it looked longer one day, then I sat on the ends. Oops. Christine