Sunday, 10 June 2012

I did it!

First of all: Thank you all for wishing me luck!


Second of all, I have to apologise for not taking any pictures. Sorry! I tend to forget that, but everyone else was busy with their phones so I think I can borrow a bunch of pictures from other people. I did get a single picture though. It was the first thing I did when I got to our designated changing room. Well, first thing was to crack up.

Yep, in the glamorous modelling world, this is a changing room and storage room for your personal stuff for a grand total of 6 people:
A corner in a freezing cold staircase.

Modelling is really not for the shy people!

I was sent down to makeup done by student makeup artists. I’ve never tried that before and found it completely uncomfortable. I don’t think I could ever get used to having a stranger so close to my face that I can feel her breath on my skin. Plus it tickled terribly when she applied eye liner and mascara!
I found the makeup very unflattering but then again, I’m that kind of boring girl who prefers the “polished” but natural look above all. However I think the simple eyeliner with a short wing she applied might be something I could copy quickly and wear almost daily. Hmm?
Designer Friend was very pleased with the result though.

The stylists’ station on the other hand really scared me. I generally keep my mouth shut about hair care and advice unless asked directly, and even then I try to keep it short and not preach, but wow, that one was a torture chamber for hair!
When you walked past there, the air was noticeably hotter from the heating appliances (Which was extra scary since it was just a couple of tables in the middle of the big main hall where the runway would be!) and the air was heavy with stink from sprays and chemicals. Yikes!
It made me quite sad inside to see the finished results and knowing I could easy have recreated their sock buns and fishtail braids with just a comb and a handful of leave in conditioner.
Oh well.
I try not to push advice on other because I don’t like when people push unwanted advice on me. And I keep it very short when asked directly because I personally dislike it when people go on a long monologue when you’re just being polite and not genuinely interested.
But it was still hard to keep my tone neutral when I had to decline an eager stylist who asked me if “Do you want me to do something to your hair?” several times.

My hair was quite the icebreaker though. I must have received comments from almost every single person behind the scenes. I really need to get better at receiving comments!
I tend to get completely shy and stuttering when someone compliments me.

Anyways, the whole modelling experience wasn’t as much fun as it was fun to have experienced.
It was long, long waits interrupted by short periods of hectic activity.

The runway walks were terrifying. The first round I could feel my heartbeat all the way up my ears! Yikes.
I’ve held presentations and speeches for more people than were at the show, but that was in school or at work. As in: Things I actually am good at.
Designer Friend asked me to “walk proudly” but I think what I showed was “pissed off”, yikes.

They had a professional photographer and I know there were videos too, so I wonder what they will turn out like… 


  1. Wow! Well done! I'm sorry I was late on wishing you good luck. I'm glad it seemed to have gone more or less well. I loved what you choose to do for your hair too. Awesome.

  2. You are SO brave!!! I've seen runway modeling on tv and it is not something I could ever do!!

    Did you leave your hair down? I wondered how it would hold up to the constant demands of changing clothing--hopefully no snagging of the hair :)

    I'm sure those hair dressers just were aching to 'play' with your hair--not even with heating appliances--it's probably like a painter with a blank canvas :D