Friday, 15 June 2012

Look, look!

I found a good picture of me modelling so ta-dah!
My opinion is still that my makeup looks plain scary on me but none the less it was kind of cool!
I need to ask Designer Friend if I can use the rest of the pictures too


  1. Oh cool--piccy! I wouldn't say the make up looks scary, at least from what I can see...but you don't look like you with it. I'm still impressed you agreed to do this--I wouldn't have had the guts.

  2. Very nice photo! You look great. :)

    Careful though, modeling can be addicting, I speak from experience. :D

  3. WOW! You look amazing!! I can understand your feeling on the make up, but what we see and what you saw was two different things--I know it has to go on mega heavy for it to be seen in a runway show and in photos. You look great!! Were you modeling bathing suits or a variety of different clothing?

  4. Firegarnet: Haha, thank you! I have to admit it was seriously scary though! I’m mildly proud of myself for not running away from it XD
    Adelina: Thank you! We will have to see if I ever get asked again though, haha…
    Darkhorse: Thank you, thank you! I was pretty much just modelling something like this. It was based on fabric and patterns that Designer Friend saw when she was in Uzbekistan with her boyfriend some months ago.

  5. Love your hair ! You look amazing, as if your makeup looks a little bit strange. A natural look fits better on your eyes !

  6. Your hair look amazing and the hairdo was a really good choice to go with the clothes. I'm absolutely in love with the bathing suit's print, your designer friend is very talented!