Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Unexpected compliment of the day

A guy about my age approached me today in the bus on the way to a gym class. He had taken a picture of my braided Nautilus bun and wanted to file share it to my phone.

Funny, in retrospect I should be creeped out he took a picture without asking me first, but I’m not. He didn’t completely do a “hit n run” compliment but it was close enough not to get me uncomfortable with the situation.

Ironically I get a compliment on a day where my hair is being a hot mess! It’s weird, slippery and generally a pain and kept up in a pinching and fuzzy braided Nautilus. I’ve kept it in a simple braid since my protein and oil treatment to let it settle down on its own. The only reason I wrung it up in a bun was that I was going to the gym and needed it out of my way. 

It’s funny, years ago I would have been completely overjoyed getting a compliment like this, but now it just leaves me mildly embarrassed.

I guess it comes with having had long hair so many years that it has become a part of “me” and I don’t see it as special anymore? 

1 comment:

  1. That's a sweet story :)

    I mean, I think this guy was genuine and wanted to share a nice hair photo with you--to me, that's nice.

    I've always found I've gotten compliments when I felt at my worst--whether it be hair or appearance or what not--makes you wonder if we are just too hard on ourselves?