Monday, 30 July 2012

Wash day

When I did my stupid blister-stunt, my hair was already a few days past greasy. I’ve since avoided long showers to keep from softening up the skin and ruining the blister band aids. So that would be 5 days plus a few past greasy…

But now I just couldn’t avoid the wash anymore. My scalp was simply disgusting. Tingly, itchy and flaky.
Of course I could carefully CO wash a couple of times and get rid of the ickyness, but I felt lazy.

So I borrowed Hubby’s shampoo and was glad I did. It took me two shampoos to get any bubbling going on! Ew.

My poor scalp wasn’t too happy afterwards. It gets so dry and cranky after shampoo.

Then I did a SexySmurf with some leftovers and two egg yolks for a few hours.

Sigh, now I’m out of cholesterol treatment. My hair has an unusually strong love for cholesterol but it’s impossible to find around here, so I have to ration it when I’m lucky enough to get my hands on some. This tub was a gift from Biologist Friend who brought it back from the US with her.

And as usual after a thorough deep conditioning, my hair is super cranky and pissed off. Good thing I know that’s a completely normal reaction or I would have been freaking out.

And then for a slight experiment: I’ve had great success with using a protein conditioner first and following with moisture. It’s like the second conditioner “binds” better if you give it some protein first.

I’m going to try protein first and then see if oil will bind better too. I’m trying equal parts argan, coconut and macadamia oil in a Nodosaurus over night. 


  1. In regards to your blister...I *think* there is a band aid you can get that is actually glue--whether it coats the blister, I'm not sure, but they are water proof and my sister in law uses this over tradition band aids as she cooks/bakes a lot and gets cuts on her fingers. Not sure if it would work for your blister but might be worth looking into??

    Can't wait to see what your mane looks like after your pamper treatment :)

  2. Can you make cholesterol treatments or are they something you have to buy? I searched around for information on them in the past without finding much on them. I like things I can make myself.

  3. Hiya Igor,

    I get cholesterol treatments in London at the Pak's haircare store. I go into the actual shop, but if you shop online, it would be great for you. International delivery is from £2. I use Le Kair Cholesterol, but there is also: - this is the one I want to try!

    This is the full Pak's cholesterol treatment list:

    hope that helps!

    Lovi (from LHC)