Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hair for cardio

Exactly opposite of lifting, the best choice for cardio is a bun. No rubbing of hair anywhere, no braid swinging around wildly (Just look at my video, lol) no hairs falling down and getting caught in your sweat.
My first choice is as always the braided Nautlus bun for its unrivalled stability and hold. Combine it with a headband that you place slightly closer to your forehead than usual to keep those annoying short hairs from loosening up and getting caught on a sweaty forehead.


  1. I always wear my hair up in a nautilus when I exercise, too. Letting a braid hanging down my back was resulting in hairs catching in my sport bra. Not fun.

  2. One for your next Q&A: Do you whiten your teeth? What do you use? Would you recommend it?