Monday, 24 September 2012

Hairy thought of the day: Hair oil hype

I find myself being vaguely mystified by the attitude towards oil in beauty products. Suddenly “hair oils” is the big fat hype, but oil on the scalp is something bad that will clog the pores and keep hair from growing. Hm, come to think about it, isn’t that what they said about conditioners? You can find (Expensive!) facial oils and products like foundations and creams that boast of being oil free because oil in foundations and creams will block the pores but the oil in facial oils are really, really good for your skin. M-hm.
Meh. Maybe my little fit of sarcastic detachment and mocking current trends is just old and tired already. Bizarre double standards like this have been around for long and will keep around for just as long to come…
The recent hair-oil-hype just tends to annoy me. Just like I’m tired of hearing of BB creams in skincare. They have been around for ages (In Asia) but have recently become the “It” thing in skincare in the West too. And just like the original BB creams were packed with functions and benefits, the “new” ones are bastardized tinted moisturizers. The “Hair oils” we see hyped today are bastardized low oil, high everything-else versions of what longhairs have used for years without “anyone” paying attention…


  1. I know some girls who still think using oil on hair is disgusting, but then buy hairmasks with argan oil or something "because it's really good for hair".
    I hate this new BB cream trend too, I thought it was great when they first started advertising them around here, but yeah, they're NOT BB creams, they're just regular tinted moisturizers. Most of them have really limited tones as well -_-'

  2. At least the BB cream trend has brought out more tinted moisturizers. I wasn't able to find one until the Western type BB creams came out.

  3. I hate the 'hair oil' trend. They are usually low in decent oils and high in silicones - barely oil at all. I'll stick with my argan and emu oils thanks.

    I have to second Angela a little on the BB comment. My BB Cream is an Asian one, and it's better than anything else I've ever worn. The Western BB creams, on the other hand, are total rubbish for me, barely more than a perfumey tinted moisturiser.