Friday, 28 September 2012

Simple crown wrap tutorial

Start with your hair in dual Dutch braids. French braids might work too, but I find Dutch braids with the distinct braid-part showing works well for this.
Braid a long, thin scarf into the thinnest braid.

Cross the braids in the neck and wrap the braid without the scarf around your head. If you can tuck it under well enough, you don’t need any pins to secure it.

Wrap the braid with the scarf around your head and make sure you have the second braid over the first braid to pin it in.

Wrap the scarf around the tassel (Not necessary I guess, but I think the end result is sleeker and prettier)

If the scarf is very long, wrap it around your head with the braids. If not, pull the scarf under your braids.

I like taking the scarf around in the shape of an infinity sign. And done!

Just because I felt like it, I matched my toenails to the scarf! (Metallic tone in the polish made it hard to capture) 


  1. I LOVE THIS!!
    I just wish most of these types of styles fit under riding helmets :)

  2. Nice! I just need to find a scarf the right dimensions.
    You seem to be looking fitter too! All that time in the gym seems to be paying off! ( Not that you ever looked UNfit to me). Ok I think my foot is far enough in my mouth so I'll stop now. ;D

  3. I would LOVE if you could show how you braid. I saw only one other video on youtube...she's from Europe and it was wonderful! But, for whatever reason, I just don't seem to get my braids as neatly as you and this person( I think she's Firey something on LHC)

    It's possible I just braid too fast. My horse braids are so much neater ;)

  4. Darkhorse: Hehe yea, but I would worry about any sort of ”styling” under the helmet would disturb the shock-absorbing and distributing properties of the helmet… Yikes ;)
    I was actually thinking of making a video where I show my braiding method but I haven’t gotten around to it :) Maybe I should get to work on that one.

    Firegarnet: I think if you can just find a scarf that is thin enough, the dimensions doesn’t matter so much. You can always wrap it around extra. But if the scarf is too thick the entire braid gets too messed up.
    And LOL, my lazy ass hasn’t been to the gym in like a month and I have been very bad! >__<

  5. Thanks Igor! I watched your braid tutorial, but it's hard to see the actual braiding technique. I'm always fascinated by how some people braid.

    Sadly, yeah, I have to usually just stick with a pony tail or english braid for riding helmet purposes. They are so well made today, you have to make sure it just fits your head, or else it will affect the function of the helmet's design to protect your head. They now even write on the boxes 'coiling excess hair into helmet will affect the function of this helmet's safety standards'.

  6. Yes! I always wanted to know how you do this particular style. Thank you for the tutorial, Igor :) I will try it out.