Sunday, 9 September 2012

Leave in conditioner is a pain in my…

Usch. Seriously. I found out yesterday I was dangerously low on my trusty Sunsilk leave in conditioner. I go through a bottle in about two weeks so I use quite a lot of it.
It has before been a pain in my behind to actually find the stuff, but usually I find it at H&M, usually for 39,40 Swedish Kronor but sometimes for sale at 19,90.
In my book it’s the only leave in conditioner I’ve been able to find here that I want to pay for. I can get these hysterically expensive products plastered with praise and their pseudo-scientific promises on the packaging (But really truly is just only a bunch of cones) or I can find heat protecting sprays (Hah. If this stuff is so awesome at protecting from heat, why don’t we coat our fire-fighters in it and skip the big heavy suits?) but what I really want is a fairly simple cream based one.
So long story short: I went to the nearest H&M. I wanted to stay in and be lazy, but had to get off my ass and get dressed. Booh. I was in a bad mood before I even left the house.
Unfortunately they were out of “my” leave in and low on Sunsilk products in general. Sigh.
Then I went the long way to the H&M out at the Nova mall. They were out too! Argh!
When I asked for my product, the blank-eyed bimbo working there just twirled her bleached hair between her fingers and said “We never had such a product.” Usch.

Have I mentioned how deeply I despise women of her kind and how I blame them for the problems smart women face?
My mood was pretty shot even when a smarter employee there could inform me that their Sunsilk shipment had been late. Alright. I still had no other choice than just buying some other products in the meantime.
So I ended up buying 3 new products just to try them. Maybe I should make some actual product reviews for once?

Left to right…
  • Scandinavia Formula glansdroppar (“Shine drops”) bought at Åhlens for 40 kronor (50 ml)
  • My trusty old Sunsilk bought at H&M for 20 kronor (200 ml)
  • L’Oreal Everpure kasting moisture leave in-crème bought at H&M for 109 kronor (150 ml)
  • L’Oreal extraordinary oil (SPF version) bought at H&M for 119 kronor (100 ml)
  • Schwarzkopf Gliss hair repair bought at H&M for 69,50 kronor (125 ml)


  1. I've always wanted to try the Gliss, but they don't sell it here. We get Swarzkpof protects here, but that was never picked up by anyone of the supply stores here.

    So, is it a good product?
    We have sunsilk here--if I see this, I'll pick up some for you.

  2. Yay for product reviews, I love reading them! Even though I probably wouldn't use any of these as I don't tend to use coney stuff and am thinking of going WO so I have to be a good girl and stop buying products!
    I'm interested to see what you make of these, especially the Everpure; I bought the S&C from the Everpure on a US trip a few years back when they came out and really loved the smell (rosemary and mint).