Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday, september 11th 2012

I talked to my grandfather on the phone Sunday. He was getting a cold and his voice sounded awful. Then I talked to my mother and she complained about the number of sick people she had in her workplace. Yep, the first waves of “Miserable mixed sickness” of the year are making its rounds.
I mentally congratulated hubby and I for having avoided getting sick. Of course it seems the goddess of Irony heard that because hubby and I woke up the next day feeling mildly crappy. I felt I had something stuck in the back of my throat and felt slightly warm.
I thought/hoped I could sleep it off yesterday if I stayed warm but I’m not feeling any better today.
In fact I had one of those bizarre dreams I usually get from being sick. I dreamt I was at this strange exotic market with Chemist and Biologist friend when Biochemist friend showed up and tearfully told us about how she had been driving a train and run over a pig. The train’s wheels had severed the pig’s ears and the pig had died from that (Eh?) And all the time in the dream I had short, brown hair. Like Rapunzel in the end of Tangled. I’ve had weird dreams about hair before but every time I have dreamt about doing something weird or drastic to my hair, it had somehow been the focus of the dream and been commented on. In this dream it was just there and no one commented on it, not even me.
I’ve had a lot of weird colours in my hair and been through a lot of awkward and unflattering growing out-styles but I think this style would be super unflattering on me!

Well, I’m going to stay warm, drink a lot of tea and go to bed early so I did a Nodosaurus with Schwarzkopf Gliss ultimate repair (The one with keratin) so I can keep my mane more like Rapunzel in the beginning of the movie…

I prefer my hair long thank you very much! 

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!

    I used to have horrid dreams my hair was cut into a pixie and I was devastated I'd have to grow it out again. Then, I became a lucid dreamer and now, in my dreams, if my hair is cut-very often by jealous people-I just smile and tug on the ends and it grows! hahahaah.

    I'm sure we all wish we could do that after a bad hair cut, but in dreams, it's pretty fun :D