Thursday, 25 October 2012

Braiding video

I just uploaded a video of myself braiding my hair. Like I wrote in my comment:
Over the years I’ve received a lot of questions about my braiding technique. Well, I have now tried to do a braiding tutorial and I had planned to do a description too, but I only managed to confused myself. “Right index finger holds strand number 2 while thumb…” Yea. It was no good.
Either you will find this video useful and answering questions or giving yourself inspiration on how to hold your braid… Or you will find it intensely boring. Anyways. Enjoy.
On an experimental basis I have let the option to comment on the video stay open. It will be interesting to see how many perverts or idiots write stupid things. Either that, or people are actually smart (Doubt it though. Youtube comments seems to be where all intelligence goes to die) 


  1. Thank you SO much! I think I see where I make my errors in my own braids. I braid too fast, don't keep combing the length, and don't hold the braid close enough with my fingers. Will try this tonight when I have a decent comb within arms reach :D

  2. I don't get a lot of the comments I see on YT at all. It is as if they are commenting on something completely different. Or they don't speak the language and are just grabbing words out of a dictionary and slapping them in and posting it. YT is most definitely not a very intelligent place.

  3. Hi, i´m a 21 years old man from Argentina, I think women with extreme long hair look beautiful, what is the final length that you want to reach? A lot of women should be like you, your hair is gorgeous so keep it growing you´re very pretty